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1. Our vision is: Strive to become China's most influential alloy material company 2. Our mission is: Commit to Chinese enterprises to become stronger and larger; Lead Chinese enterprises to the world stage 3. Our purpose is: Reject theory Focus on actual combat and help customers improve profits. Fourth, our spirit is: simplicity, focus, and innocence. 5. Our style is: keep promises, no excuses; absolute obedience, never say no. 6. Our values are:

Customers: Everything is based on the customer's value as the fundamental principle: system first, leadership second standard: keep the peak state at all times, and the first name is the target team: up and down together, work together to break gold and be grateful: be a person with gratitude, use Love Respects Responsibility: Responsibility to yourself, to the enterprise, and to the society

Our core philosophy is:
Survival philosophy: Only the right way can last forever. Development philosophy: Sacrifice the ego and complete the great self. Competitive philosophy: surpass oneself and be a warrior without a fight. Sales philosophy: Everything is sold for love. Service philosophy: Customer. Center, use love to serve the brand concept: Brand creates value, value creates wealth Wealth concept: Money is something outside of one's body, growth is the first wealth of life Work idea: Exercising the simple method to the extreme is a unique trick The amount of breadth is enough to win people; the first is enough to lead people, the self-discipline is enough to convince people. The concept of employment: position first, ability second. Organizational philosophy: build platforms, achieve their own achievements. Concept: ordinary people pursue goals, outstanding people exceed goals, and excellent people create miracle